8% GDP Growth- Industry Still in Slowdown State… Why?

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Goods days seem to have come in Government data & figures only.

GDP- Data recently announced have shown very steep increase in GDP growth nearly 8%. But from very small shopkeepers to traders, wholesalers and MSME manufactures and service providers are facing the same old and common problem.

“Very less or no orders”

Everybody is saying “धंधा बहुत मन्दा है”
Than it is very serious concern that how GDP growth % is increasing so steeply.
Anyone who knows ABC of commerce and is attached to MSMEs in anyway is doubtful of these GDP figures being correct. It data is erroneous than how & why wrong figure have been announced.

If GDP growth % data is correct then finance minister, Industry & Commerce minister should seriously look into the issue if GDP growth is increasing so sharply then why the positive impact in not felt by the MSME units across the country.

Is growth in GDP is concentrated in very less number of people.
Production of very few industries is increasing and these industries are procuring most of their inputs from oversees manufacturers and as a result domestic MSME units are not getting any orders.

An authorized imports are being made and those goods are being shown as produced in domestic units to take benefits of many government schemes like “Make in India”, CLCSS, CGTMSE etc.

Finance Minister Sir, if these GDP figures are correct then we would be very thankful if you let us know when this positive impact will be felt in MSME Sector across the country.

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