Should Australia be really worried from North Korea’s chilling threat?

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  • North Korea pursuits in successfully launching of missiles and nuclear weapons tests brings terror of threat to the security of the whole region.
  • To fight against this terror, Australia has joined hands with United States and South Korea and participated in Navy drills in the East China Sea.
  • The drills aimed at the prevention of import and exports of Nuclear weapons of mass destruction from North Korea.
  • North Korea described Australia’s decision of participation with US as “Suicidal Act” for Australians and termed it as a threat to Australia for joining the US in such move towards Nuclear Weapons.
  • Australia will not be able to avoid disaster if it continued to provide zealous support to the US and to ramp up pressure on North Korea over its Nuclear weapons programs.
  • The Foreign Minister of Australia has reassured Australians by saying that Australia will not be cowed by North Korea threats and we will continue to do all we can do to help and support our allies.
  • US and allies are likely to find peaceful solutions to the tensions of North Korea’s threat of disaster.
  • Former Pentagon Missile Boss also warned Australia and advised to be prepared for North Korean Attack.
  • Should Australia be prepared and develop missiles to fight against these threats?
  • On this question, Australian Prime Minister Melcolm Turnbull said that they will continue to press the rogue regimes to abandon its nuclear weapon programs.
  • Australia would continue support and participation with US and South Korea.

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