Battery Vehicles should be the Priority for Public Transport

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Plug in Electric vehicles (EV) is the way to go for the transport sector to curb greenhouse gas emission and air pollution in India. Government is also taking steps to encourage the use of electric cars and vehicles for public transport. The government is about to finalize a policy to change the sector from fossil fuels to electric transport and alternative fuels as the EVs produce less emissions than conventional vehicles. It contributes to climate change and to reduce air pollution.

While formulating policy for clean mobility, the government must give priority to mass public transport over cars and private vehicles. This means that there should be greater investment in this sector to avail public transport as option for those who cannot afford personal electric vehicles. Government should spread awareness about benefits of shared mobility such asautos, e-rickshaws and taxies etc.


Three things are essential for this change from private to public transportation

  • First, public transport options must be accessible, affordable, predictable, reliable and safe.
  • Second, the different modes of public transport such as bus, train, metro, tram, must be integrated.

Third, lastmile connectivity must be easy, whether through local shuttle buses or shared mobility options, affordable, reliable and available.

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