Bereavement Leave Introduced in State Bank of India

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  • SBI has introduced Special leave for their staff in case of death of family member.
  • SBI will allow at least one week paid leave for paying tribute on the loss of family member of their employees.
  • Family include spouse, Children, Parents, parents in law whether dependent or non dependent for the purpose of bereavement leave.
  • The leave will be allowed to both permanent as well as contractual employees of bank.
  • The bank adopted the policy from Multinational companies like TCS, Infosys and Cipla where bereavement leave is granted to their employees.
  • The Bank has adopted this policy of paid leave to provide relief and to spend time with the families in their time of sorrow and grief.
  • Along with paid leave of one week, the Bank will provide 75% subsidy on medi-claim premium for retired employees drawing pension up to Rs.20,000/-.
  • It will further subsidized up to 60 % to those retired employee getting pension 20,000 to 30,000/- .
  • The Bank has also extended the limit of medi-claim cover for employees’ families from 75 % to 100%.
  • SBI is the first public sector bank which has adopted this policy of paid bereavement leave.

This step of SBI is really admirable as it will really help to console the families of employees in time of their grief. It is hoped that other Banks shall also follow SBI in this regard

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