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As world is moving towards the digitalization so it is becoming the more vulnerable towards the cyber threat. Cyber security is a major concern these days for all the countries and so for India as well. As most of the data is stored digital form these days. Considering this Indian Government has taken major step towards the prevention of cyber threat. They are now all set to launch their own OS (operating system) called BOSS. BOSS is the acronyms of Bharat Operating System Solutions.

This Operating System is developed by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) Chennai. This is also certified by Linux so has all the powerful security features to protect itself from cyber attack. This initial version of BOSS is developed in 2007, but current version is said to be much more powerful and secure from the initial one.

It is also said that this system has undergone three-month trial, in which it has successfully defended cyber-attacks from attackers which was planted on it as part of the testing strategy.

It is also said that this new OS will replace the Microsoft Windows in near future at least in Indian IT market as it will have most of the features of Windows and security assurance from Linux. This OS will also be available in the multiple language (regional language in India like Hindi, Kannada, Guajarati etc.) to serve the different regions of India.

If this becomes successful then it will also help India in reducing the imports in this area (better for Indian economy), as currently India is importing such services at large scale from US based companies such as Microsoft and Apple etc. Indian Government has already taken such initiative by launching of ‘RuPay’ a domestic card scheme which facilitates e-payment at all Indian bank in competition to Master Card, and VISA in India.

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