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Business Mantra: Faridabad

On many news websites today, a news has been up-loaded, that during the hearing in Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), Bangalore, SBI lawyer called Mallya “Shameless” and immediately, Mallya’s lawyer reacted to call bankers “Shameless” and there was a heated exchange of arguments in the court room.

Bankers’ counsel said if the defendants (including Mallya) wanted to prove that the allegations on them relating to fraud with the Banks were wrong then they should disclose their Balance Sheets, but inspite of that the defendants were not disclosing. After this statement the SBI’s counsel told that they had to deal with shameless people.

Immediately Mallya’s lawyer shot back that un-parliamentary words were used. If those type of words would be used then they were also free to revert in the same way. Mallya’s counsel said that the Bankers were shameless as they gave public money in the shape of loan to such persons, who defaulted in paying and further reacted that proper care was not taken for recovery of such loans, so the Bankers were shameless.

Even if the statement of Mallya’s lawyers is taken to be correct, then Bankers were at fault. But what about those people, who have defaulted in paying the public money, being borrowed from Banks. If Mallya’s counsel have given his views in personal capacity then why he has been defending the case of a defaulting person.

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