China for First Time Talks on Masood Azhar’s Analysis Issue

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First time china has offered some reason for his continued support to Pakistan by holding India’s efforts to declare ‘Masood Azhar’ a global terrorist. The reason china has offered for this step is that, that its technical hold on this matter will give some more time for discussing the issue with other relevant parties.

It means if china is not declaring Masood Azhar a global terrorist but also at the same time china has not shown its move in favor of Masood Azhar that he should not be declared a global terrorist.

UN Security council have 15 members and 14 members have voted in India’s favor. Only china with a veto power and a permanent seat in UN council has voted to hold the decision.

Indian government is making all the efforts to isolate Pakistan and once Masood Azhar is declared global terrorist government at Islamabad will have to destroy assets and network of Masood Azhar and will have to arrest him and start trial against him. It will be very hard for the government at Islamabad as Masood is supported by PAK army. But china’s support is saving Islamabad.

However, Chinese foreign minister has recently said china is against of all kinds of terrorism and will support all the effort against it. For the 2nd time china has hold India’s application. This hold is applicable for 3 months.

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