Creation of Productive Jobs is Absolute for the Development of India

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No doubt there arose lot of job opportunities within the country in the recent past. Though, for the sustainable growth of the country, the need of the hour is to create dynamic jobs in addition to ordinary jobs. India should focus to generate good quality jobs where more skillful workers got employed and utilize their skills in more productive manner and earn more income than presently getting under the current professional scenario. Moreover, even the un-skilled and the semi-skilled workforce should also get the opportunity of good jobs for sustained growth of the country.

To get fruitful results, the job creation should be made in low employment oriented areas like Special Economic Zones (SEZs)and Coastal Economic Zones (CEZs). New companies should be started in such areas which would generate employment and promote new entities. Government must support in various ways like providing land at cheaper rates, uninterrupted power at cheaper rates, loans at lower interest rate, subsidies and giving tax holiday for a fixed duration etc. to these new companies.

While establishing new firms and companies, one has to learn good management skills, obtain knowledge of financial matters for better administration of the affairs of the firms, to improve skills of labours, time management quality and discipline among workers and so on. The firms and entities must start financial literacy and training programs to impart knowledge related courses and seminars to present job work to get high output from subordinates& fresher employees.

Apart from these literacy and training programs the firms managers should develop the qualities of mutual trusts and co-operation among their employees so that they would do teamwork. This will result in movement of workforce within that region and lessor convergence of workforce towards big/metro cities.

Higher productivity will lead to increase in income of individuals as well as India’s GDP. India has a higher population with lessor average age. If better and rewarding opportunities are available in the country itself then there would be no need to run towards developed countries for better employment.

Government has many such schemes like Skill Development Programs but these programs will only work if new job opportunities are available. Lessor or balanced imports and higher exports with positive “Balance of Payments” is essential for robust economy.

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