Is Delhi Government Justified in Cancelling License of Max Hospital?

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  • The Delhi Government has cancelled the License of Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi for declaring alive baby dead.
  • Government has taken this action on the report of the Inquiry Committee, constituted to enquire the allegations of medical negligence at Max hospital.
  • The committee found the hospital negligent and did not follow the medical norms.
  • This step of cancellation of License has been taken as punitive action over Max Hospital after the consecutive cases of medical negligence had been reported.

However, the hospital authorities are saying that the Government has taken wrong decision. They claimed, license of hospital cannot be cancelled for the negligence of a doctor.

Now the question comes “is this decision of Government of cancellation of License appropriate?

  • It is very fair to take such decisions as consecutive negligence towards health should not be tolerated.
  • It will act as a lesson and deter other medical institutions and medical staff who failed to follow medical norms and became habitual negligent towards life of a person.
  • If medical Institutions like Max Hospital which comes under line of reputed medical institutions will cause such blunder of medical negligence again and again then what will be expected from other small medical hospitals.
  • Some medical experts are rescuing the act of negligence of Max by saying that the action of Government is not appropriate as the mistake had done by doctors/staff of the hospital hence it is not fair to cancel the License of the hospital.

Isn’t the duty of the institution to ensure efficiency of their staff in discharging their duties to prevent such incidences?

Isn’t the duty of other State Government or Authorities to follow precedence of Delhi Government?

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