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Digital Locker System (DigiLocker) is one of the initiatives of Government of India under Digital India Programme. A better version of the Digital Locker has been released by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) Govt. of India on 10.02.2015.

Digital locker system is introduced to overcome the following Challenges-

1) Presently, most of documents exist in physical form which leads to high administrative charges.

2) Verification of authenticity of the documents i.e. documents submitted may be fake.

3) People have to submit multiple physical copies of the documents to various departments or agencies.

Objectives/Benefits :-

1) Minimum use of Physical documents.

2) Ensure documents received are authentic and therefore risk of fake documents is reduced.

3) Reduction in administrative expenses of various departments and agencies of Govt.

4) Access of documents anytime, anymore by the people and thus make it easy for the residents to receive services.

5) Availability of documents electronically by enabling e- signing of documents.

6) Storage and securely access of documents issued by Govt. through a Web Portal or Mobile application.

7) Ensure Privacy and authorized access to data and documents (personal and private information) of the people.

8) Sharing of digitally signed documents with Govt. organizations or other entities.




How Digital Locker system works:-

For Residents

1) To sign up for the Digital Locker, you need an Aadhaar number and mobile no. registered with Aadhaar.

2) To login, you need to enter Aadhaar no. in the login field , then one time password (OTP) will be send on registered mobile no. & registered email id.

3) Enter the OTP in the required field and an e-know your customer (e-KYC) will be done.

4) Once e-KYC is successful you can view URI (Uniform Resource Indicator) of documents uploaded by different issuers into the digilocker and can also upload their e-documents & e-sign them.

5) You can also share your Private documents with various departments & agencies by sharing a link of the e- documents to the email id of the requester.

For Issuers

1) To get a unique issuer ID, he needs to register on Digital Locker System.

2) After the assigning of ID, he can upload the documents in XML format in designated repository using repository service provider API.

3) Every documents which is uploaded in the repository will have a unique URI consists of Issuer ID. Then the URI of documents will be uploaded to the concerned resident’s Digital Locker based on his/her Aadhaar number.

For Requesters

1) Firstly, a requester needs to register with an access gateway of Digilocker system.

2) He can use URI of documents to access them from the repository through an access gateway.


C.A. Chanchal : Author is a Practicing Chartered Accountant and may be reached at

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