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  • Swedish Chemist and Engineer Alfred B Nobel, who invented dynamite, left a fortune of $9 Million & a will to establish Nobel Prize to be awarded annually.
  • Nobel Prizes were started in 1901 in 6 fields of study i.e. Peace, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine or Physiology & Economics.
  • Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to the winners in Oslo, Norway & all others at Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Nobel Prize is decided by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
  • Among the total winners till 2017, there have been 270 persons have won Nobel Prizes from United States of America followed by United Kingdom from where there have been 84 recipients.
  • 12 persons who were Indians by birth have won Nobel Prizes out of which only 5 have been the citizens of India at the time of award of Nobel Prize.
  • There have been only 48 female awardees out of more than 900 total awardees.

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