Donald Win: Why Analysts Could Not See But Indian Fish & Chinese Monkey Predicted

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Analysts all over the world could not predict Donald’s win but the Chinese monkey and Indian fish predicted exactly what was going to happen. There prediction was correct; probably they were not listening to what others were predicting over news media and social media. It means the analyzing agencies also get influenced by what other analysts and media houses are predicting and telling. Few agencies may also be promoting someone’s name for monetary benefits.

 People spend hours on news media and social media to view and read reports of various agencies. It means these reports are not worth seeing. Many times same is seen in India also. This is also media fixing.

In cricket or other game as match fixing is a crime, these reports and there basis of reporting should also be scrutinized. It should come out whether the analysis was correct and done in a right way but the things took a different turn or the analysis reports were biased and were inclined in favor of particular candidate.

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