Emergency Pollution Plan rolled out in Delhi: Certain Things banned

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To fight worse and severe“Poor” Air quality level in Delhi,  the National Capital’s Emergency action plan has been rolled out from Monday. This plan was started at the time when Delhi has already encountered with 9 days poor air quality in the first two weeks of October. Last year, the Delhi Government had adopted an emergency plan called Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP), which included stringent guidelines to check air pollution in Delhi.  This year emergency pollution plan includes several steps like a ban on diesel generator sets in Delhi, ban of construction activities& stone crushers and impounding of polluting automobiles running in the capital territory.  The use of Coal has already been banned in Delhi since July 2018. Following measures are taken under the plan to improve “Poor” Air Quality and reduce pollution in Delhi:

  • Ban for open burning of garbage.
  • Impounding of polluting vehicles.
  • Mechanized sweeping of Roads.
  • Deployment of traffic inspectors for smooth management of traffic.

Authorities have predicted that the “Poor” air quality in Delhi may turn into “Very Poor” and then more stringent steps would be taken by the government to fight with the same. These steps also include:

  • Ban on construction activities
  • Rolling out the odd-even scheme; And
  • Parking fee to be increased in coming days.

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