Fate of Labour Reforms Proposed In Union Budget 2017-18

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  • In Budget Session of 2017-18, there was a proposal for labour reforms to make it employer and employee friendly.
  • proposed to allow firms to employ/retrench/layoff people to firms without permission of the Govt.
  • But till date the Central Govt. has not chalked out any plan to amend the Industrial Relations Code.
  • While eight states like Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc. have already implemented the proposed changes in the Industrial Relations Code.
  • But there has been no headway to take recourse to Labour Reforms which was proposed by the Central Govt. in the second half of the budget session.
  • If these proposals in Industrial Relations Code are approved, it would result increase in huge employment opportunities and job creation in Private Sector.

Following are the results of the proposed changes in the Industrial Relations Code, which will accelerate employment and enhanced jobs (If Amended):

  1. It provides to club 44 Labour Laws in to 4 Codes only including Wages, Industrial Relations, Social Security and Industrial Safety and Welfare etc.
  2. By approving changes in Industrial Relations Code the fixed term employment can be incorporated in other sectors, which are recently prevailing in Textile and Garments Industry only.
  3. It will facilitate more women participation in employment and make flexible working conditions for women as well.

By clubbing 40 Labour Laws into 4 Codes, it shall make minimum wages as a statutory right and strengthen the labour industry.

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