Florida Based Indian American Kris Singh: Only Owner in World of Exceptionally Luxurious Car

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  • AGERA XS : exceptionally luxurious cars manufactured by Sweden’ s company – KOENIGSEGG
  • The one and only owner in whole world is indian American KRIS SINGH.
  • Company has made this car only and only for him. it took more than one year and according to company kris was involved at every stage from design , development to delivery of the
  • FLORIDA based Kris took delivery of car in MONTEREY.
  • In 2014 kris purchased LAMBORGHINI VENENO, a 4 million us dollar plus car. He is one of the 3 owners of this car also.
  • The exact price of AGERA XS is still a mystery for the world as Kris is the only owner of the car.
  • Net worth of kris is estimated to be 200 million us dollar. He is successful managing director of FLORIDA based investment firm named “TEQUESTA INVESTMENTA”.

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