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Whenever a drug is introduced in the market, it has to undergo rigorous research and testing. Before, it is tested on human beings; it is tested on animals during clinical trials. Inspite of all such tests, sometimes some of the drugs show adverse effects on the people who generally use it.

These adverse effects are watched and monitored. A drug can show adverse effects if it is taken on a particular type of people, whereas if combined with other drug, it may show adverse effects. If there are more side effects than the benefits of drugs, then decision to ban the drug has to be taken by the penal of experts who recommend to the health ministry to ban the drug.

Government and court issued a gazette notification to ban 344 drugs and before going to ban these drugs, government recommended an expert committee to examining the drug combination efficacy.

The Health Ministry issued notification on 10th March, 2016 to ban the drugs and manufacture and marketing of these fixed dose combination drugs (FDCS). But certain drug companies have approached High Court of Delhi against this ban and honorable court has stayed the ban till decision of the court.

Many Drugs popular brands like Vicks Action 500, Benadryl and Phensedyl – Cough Syrup, many Analgesics & Antibiotics that are ban by the Government. Doctors say misuse of these drugs may cause organ failure due to high side effects.

Ministry official said, in a statement, that these drugs are irrational & are not approved by the National Regulator. These antimicrobial drug products have adverse effect and it directly affect the body hormones. In India, most of the patients take antibiotics without prescription. So, they are unaware about the adverse effect of these combination drugs. Whereas, it is clearly mentioned on the instruction column that the drug should not be used without medical supervision.

Shares of pharmaceutical companies came down this week due to the Government drug ban decision. Most of the famous pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Abbott and Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care have stopped selling these products like Corex cough syrup, Phensedyl syrup and Vicks Action 500.

Government of India or authorities cannot allow the drug companies to play with the lives of people with the use of such drugs.

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