Government Support to Khadi Industry By Appeal to Government Employees to wear Khadi on Friday

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Whenever there is a discussion on Khadi, instantly, the name of Mahatma Gandhi comes in everybody’s mind. Khadi is just not a cloth but an Indian handmade cloth famous for its identity during “Swadeshi Movement” by Mahatma Gandhi during freedom struggle against the British Raj.

But of-late, name of Khadi and its identity is in stake as people have lost attraction due to introduction of various other brands in the market, inspite of the fact that Khadi has improved its brand and variety.

Khadi Village Industry Commission, well known as KVIC has requested the Government of India for support because due to KVIC, thousands of weavers, may it be handloom weavers or power-loom weavers, have been getting employment.

So the Government of India, with all its support to KVIC, is considering, persuading government employees to wear Khadi on at-least once in a week, say Friday.

To start with, at least, with the support of the government employees, Khadi shall once again get its shine and fame.

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