How to surrender TAN?

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TAN can be surrender in following two cases:-

Case 1: Where any person or a deductor has been allotted more than one TAN.

Case 2: Where a person is not required to deduct or collect tax at source anymore and wants to surrender it or in case of closure of a company or a firm or any other institution.

Procedure of cancellation of TAN:-

In case 1:      In case multiple TAN has been allotted to any deductor then TAN which is regularly used should continue to be used and all other TAN(s) should be immediately applied for cancellation.

For this, Deductor has to fill application form “Form for changes or correction in TAN data” which can be downloaded from NSDL website ( or are also available at TIN Facilitation Centers. It can be filed online or can also be submitted in physical form. While filling the form, mention all other TAN(s) in point no. 6 of the form and submit it to the TIN centers.

In case 2:      The Deductor has to write an application to the Jurisdictional A.O. (TDS) on a plain paper, stating the request for cancellation of TAN and should also mention the reason for making such request. Along with the application, proof of no dues pending with the Income Tax Department is also to be attached.

After receipt of the application form by the A.O., he will login at ITD system and verify the same with income tax database. After verification of the application, he will cancel the TAN.


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