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We are in the last phase of the year 2017, which has gone and here are recap of some major events of this year:

World Wide Review

There were some big events in 2017.

  • Donald Trump was sworn as 45th President of US and passed an executive order restricting entry of people of Sovereign Muslim Majority Countries.
  • “Me Too Campaign”, a social media campaign initiated which throws light on sexual harassment and assault.
  • Many women have imposed allegation of sexual mis-conduct and harassment against the newly elected US President Donald Trump. However, the all the allegations against Trump were wholly dismissive, during the campaign.
  • On 22 March, 2017, terrorist attacked in the Palace of Westminster in London. Four people were killed and more than 50 people got injured in the attack.
  • 2017 brought destruction and remained a year of loss for civilians of Mosul. As around 11,000 people were killed during the nine month battle to recapture the Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant Group (ISIL).
  • The Paradise Paper Leak revealed secrets of world elite hidden wealth. The leak exposed that how famous personalities, politicians and celebrities were using complex ways to protect their huge wealth from tax.
  • Shock results of UK election returned hung parliament as Theresa May lost majority in election.
  • The Australian Senate legalized Same Sex Marriage and Same Sex Marriage has been effective since 9th Dec, 2017.
  • North Korea test fired ballistic missiles and US announced sanctions to deter North Korea’s Missile makers.
  • The cyclone Hurrican Harvey brought disaster in US as it hit the Caribbean and killed 90 people.
  • An earthquake took place in Mexico takes 225 lives.
  • US president faced protest as it shifted embassy in Jerusalem and tried to recognize it
  • Bitcoin the cryptocurrency prices fluctuate very frequency as it surged 1500 per cent and there comes sudden reversal in Bitcoin upward trajectory.

India’s event review

  • The year started with the end of Narendra Modi Government’s 50-day window for exchange old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency. This demonetization brought big structural transformation in the country and it affected the country’s political and economic climate. The Government faced both criticism as well as adulation for this reform as claimed about curbing black money & terror funding.
  • Thereafter Union Budget came for the Financial Year 2017-18. There was historic decision of merger of Railway Budget with General Budget. The demonetization also affected the Union Budget. Government promoted digital transactions and pushed for cashless economy through Union Budget.
  • On July 1st 2017, Goods and Service Tax came into force after tremendous debate of 17 years. GST was India’s biggest achievement in the regime of Tax reforms as it unifies more than dozen of Central and State Taxes.
  • Indian Economic scene showed mixed response to GST and demonetization and three quarters of the current financial year went below expectations.
  • The elections took place in UP, Punjab, Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh. BJP returned to power in UP, while in Punjab Congress came back to head state Government. While in Gujrat, BJP retained power and in Himachal Pradesh BJP wrested power from Congress.
  • India successfully test fired Brahmos Missile. INS Kalvari submarine was commissioned by PM.
  • The tragedy happened in Uttar Pradesh in which many child deaths were reported at a hospital in Gorakhpur.
  • Episode of Ram Rahim created dis-belief in the Indian social circle where dreams of millions of disciples were shattered by his true face.
  • The blockbuster movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion released this year and broke several records. Along with Baahubali, there were other big release including “Toilet Ak Prem Katha” and “Secret Superstar”. Salman Khan Starrer “Tiger Zinda Hai” is another blockbuster of this year released on the eve of Christmas.
  • Film Industry was rocked by the controversy of film Padmawati due to protests over the story in Rajasthan, Haryana and other states.
  • Indian Cricket Caption was bowled over by Bollywood Queen Anushka Sharma
  • Death of Famous Celebrities have occurred including Veteran Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna, Om Puri, Reema Lagoo and Shashi Kapoor. Justice P N Bhawati and Leela Seth passed away.
  • Haryana Hurricane Manushi Chhillar crowned as Miss World 2018
  • India’s Saikhom Mirabai Chanu won gold medal at World Weightlifting Championships held in Anaheim, US.
  • Pankaj Advani won IBSF World Billiards Championship and Indian women’s hockey team won the 2017 Asia Cup hockey title. India’s Women Cricket team reached in the final of World Cup and became runners-up.
  • Year 2017 also brought good luck for Indian Men’s Cricket whereas India won 37 out of their 53 contests in all forms of cricket.
  • Major legislations have been passed by the Parliament and important decisions have come on big verdicts. Like 2G spectrum accused were set free from allegations.
  • Triple Talak has been abolished in India and became a non-bailable and compoundable offence by Apex Court.
  • Right to Privacy is declared to be fundamental right by the Supreme Court. Aadhaar Card linkage was made mandatory for Banking, Telecom and availing benefits of Government Schemes.

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