INAUGURATION OF PHASE I SHAHID BEHESHTI PORT AT CHABAHAR. Why it is crucial for India? Will it develop Trilateral Connections between INDIA, IRAN AND AFGHANISTAN

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The first phase of much awaited project of Chabahar Port was inaugurated on Sunday, the 3rd of December, 2017, by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Shipping represented India in the Inauguration of Phase one of Shahid Beheshti port at Chabahar.

Prime Minister Narender Modi’s visited to Iran in May 2016 and during his visit, he pledged $500 to develop and operationalized Chabahar port as it will facilitate way for India to by-pass Pakistan in transporting goods to Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Chabahar Port is located in South-eastern Iran in the Gulf of Oman and it will boost India’s access to Iran and Afghanistan using sea route, as Pakistan is not allowing access to transport through its territory to Iran or Afghanistan.

Strategic development of Chahabar Port give momentum to international north- south transportation which will facilitate import of Iron ore, Sugar and Rice to India and this will lead to better economic ties between the three countries.

It will increase regional connectivity between three countries and open ways for new stakeholders to avail opportunities arising through launch of this port.

This port will also ensure political and diplomatic sustainability between India and Afghanistan. Several projects are being handled by India in Afghanistan building infrastructural facilities.

Chabahar port will discourage and counter Chinese Presence in the Arabian Sea by which China is trying to ensure with joining hands with Pakistan by providing aid to develop the Gwadar Port.

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