Indian Startups Help to Resolve Major Agricultural Issues

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  • The Ministry of Agriculture, in order, to make pragmatic the Narendra Modi’s Vision of Doubling the Agriculture Income by 2022, takes a move to resolve 12 major agricultural issues.
  • The Agriculture Ministry is inviting Indian Startups to find permanent solution of Agriculture technicalities.
  • Department of Agriculture will join hands with Indian Startups and seeks potential solutions for agrarian problem in key areas of production and supply chain.
  • Agri-tech Startups have been asked to work on simplifying soil testing, an assaying and grading solution for domestic market, development of digital market, systemized price forecasting key crops like pulses, seeds etc., cold storage issues, disposal of crops residue, customer centers for farmers, loss of crops due to uncertainty of monsoon and to improve agriculture production.
  • Ministry said that though India was self-sufficient in food grain production, now wanted to focus on nutritional productivity along with food security.
  • An expert panel would also be constituted which would review the opinions suggested by the Startups over the 12 major agriculture issues.
  • Research bodies like Invest India, ICRISAT have been asked for helping and mentoring Agri-tech Starts Ups.

This initiative of Agriculture Ministry is really admirable as it may work to resolve agriculture technicalities and also facilitate farmers by reducing the complexity of farm sector.

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