Jobs in Public Sector Banks are Losing its Credibility

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After so many cases of scams and frauds coming out, image and goodwill of the Public Sector Banks as well as their employees is at stake. However, 99% of Bank Employees were in no way connected with all these scams, still they are being subjected to criticism and humiliation as media has been negatively narrating those incidents against the Bank Employees leaving no stones to tarnish their image.

In the era of 80s, jobs in banking sector was considered as one of the lucrative and highly respectable employment. In general terms people from all walks of society used to see Bank Employees with respect and speak high of this class.

But now many bright and committed people do not want employment in PSBs rather they try to seek jobs in private sector or even other fields. Moreover, those who are already employed in PSBs, they are also disappointed and unhappy with their current job in PSBs and looking for a switch over from employment of PSBs. Most of these Bankers are unsatisfied with their job profile due to overburdened work, stressed & demotivated environment of work, forced to recover loans and compliance of strict norms and regulations issued by banking authorities. Most of Employees in the PSBs are no-doubt honest and hardworking still they are blamed for corruption and for not doing satisfactory work, which badly demoralizes the Bankers as no one pats their back for their hardworking and dedication to work.

At the time of demonetization, most of these Employees worked from 9.00 am till mid-night for exchange of old currency, facing shortage of currency, fake currency to be reimbursed from their own pockets, still had to hear bad words from the general public. Media also accused this category of Employees for not being impartial and discriminatory behavior. There were so much work pressure on the Bank Employees during the exchange period as the Government did not allow to hire additional staff for public services.

Apart from that they have been entrusted with the extra and target oriented work of cross selling of various other products like insurance, mutual funds, recovery of NPAs etc. which makes their jobs more stressful and dissatisfied with their employment. Due to heavy work load they have to spend 10-12 hours in the Bank apart from working on Sundays and holidays. Due to all these factors, there have been number of cases of suicides, stressful health diseases etc.

Banking job has become a thankless and a stressful job. Government should talk positive steps to uplift the tarnished image and goodwill of Banks and their Employees.

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