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narendra_modiBUSINESS MANTRA FARIDABAD. 15.07.2015

Our prime minister launched National Skill development Mission today on 15 july 2015, being celebrated as world youth skills day. PM said like China has emerged as world capital of mass manufacturing, same way India will emerge world’s largest provider of skilled manpower. He emphasized that India has to become skilled talent capital of world.

Any matriculate person in 17 to 40 years of age may join the skill development course free of cost, where along with skills of desired trade, training for soft skills will also be provided.

In next 10 years as per demography experts India will have nearly 5 crore surplus manpower. For a country it is a grave problem. But thanks to thinking and planning skills of our prime minister, who has planned to convert this problem into an opportunity.

Five crore people will get trained in skills of various trades along with soft skills likes better communication, better behaviour and body language, presentations skills etc.

When this work force will get job outside India then if every person just sends Rs. 100000/- per annum., 5lakh crore funds will come to India every year and as with 5 crore working people migrating from india to other countries will result in total migration of 15 to 20 crore people. it will also help us in population balance.


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