Local Goon Became Bollywood’s Most Stylish Villain AJIT

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Today in Bollywood definition of a villain has changed all-together, as an actor can become an actor in the main lead, a comedian or character actor or villain. But there have been certain personalities in the Bollywood history that only the name could terrorise a person’s mind. “Ajit” is one of them, who was one of the most stylish villain.

The original name of Ajit was Hamid Ali Khan, who sold his books to run away from his home to become an actor. His father was in Nizam’s army and a very strict man. His father wanted him to be a doctor.

When he came to Mumbai, he had to sleep in the cement pipes, near the slums of Mumbai. There Local goons used to collect money in the name of allowing people to stay in cement pipes. One day, Hamid Ali Khan refused to pay such ransom to the local goons, but in turn beat up the local goons to declare himself as a local goon of the area. People were scared of him and did not charge him for what he demanded.

But his passion to become an actor took him to Bollywood, where he started his career as an extra. But soon became famous and acted as a lead actor in many films since 1940. Yet his destiny demanded something different from him.

His dialogue delivery was very different from other actors, so he became famous as a villain. He acted in various films. His famous dialogues include “Mona Darling”; “Lily don’t be silly”; “Sara Shahar Mujhe Loin Ke Naam Se Janta Hai” were some of his popular dialogues.

He worked in more than 200 movies during his time in almost four decades. His movies include Mugal-e-aazam, Jeewan Mrityu, Chhupa Rustam, Zanjeer, Jugnu, Pratiggya, and Mr. Natwar Lal etc.

People became his fans because of his dialogue delivery and his dress sense. He became the most stylish villain of Bollywood of his time

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