Make 15% of Branches as “All Women Offices” Says Parliamentary Penal to Public Sector Banks

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In a Report on the “Working Conditions of Women in Public Sector Banks” Parliamentary Penal has recommended to all PSBs:

  • At least 15% of the Branches/Offices be made All Women Branches/Offices.
  • Flexible Working Hours to maintain a balance between professional and family responsibility, brings up of children and maintaining self-health.
  • Work culture and environment be made safe and convenient.
  • Soft Transfer – Posting Policy for Women keeping in view of their spouse’s place of posting or stay/ responsibility towards children/ parents dwelling place if unmarried.

Suggestions to open “All Women Branches/Offices” are to be opened specially in those parts of the country where discrimination towards women is more traditionally.

Now the question is why only in Public Sector Banks and not in other government offices, corporations, undertakings etc. In public Sector Banks there is around 25 % of the employees are women. There are a number of government offices, undertakings, corporations etc. where the number of women employees is lesser.

At certain times women employees suffer in the hands of their male counterpart and on several occasion women misuse the policies made for women. Due to the above suggestions of the parliamentary panel, there may be chances that male counterpart may have to suffer, while getting stiffer transfer – postings and disadvantages of flexible women working hours.

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