Melbourne Declared ‘Most Livable City’ in 2016

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For the 6th consecutive year Melbourne was declared as ‘Most Livable City’ of the world amongst 140 cities, whereas Vienna stands 2nd on this front followed by Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Auckland, Helsinki and Hamburg. The criteria of selection depend upon the healthcare services, infrastructural facilities, environment, stability on account of public peace, planning and implementation of policies for public care etc. There are in total three cities of Australia in first ten cities. Besides Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are the other two cities. It is a matter of big applause to the people of Australia, specially the people living in these cities that after the providence of facilities by the authorities, such facilities are being maintained by them.

Very small things make difference for such Livability like, providing green belts, planting more trees, recycling of waste, adapting to green technologies, curbing emission of poisonous gases etc.

Livability in various cities in various countries has declined due to fear of terrorism, incidents of terror attacks, deaths in police custodies, civil wars. This was applicable in countries like USA, France, Turkey, Belgium, Ukraine, Syria, Serbia, Libya Eastern Europe and Asia etc.

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