Micro Irrigation Fund Apportioned in Budget 2017 Yet to be Utilized

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  • The Union Budget 2017 had assigned fund of Rs.5000 Crore to sustain growth in the Agriculture Sector.
  • Even after sanction of Micro Irrigation Fund, the agriculture Ministry has not yet formulated norms for “how to make use of Rs. 5000 Crore Micro Irrigation Fund.”
  • The Irrigation fund was set in co-operation with NABARD to bring 1.6 million Hectares under Micro Irrigation like drip irrigation and use of sprinklers for irrigation. The objective behind this was to help states in availing credit at cheap interest rates.
  • The Union Budget had allocated the fund to achieve the goal “per drop more Crop”
  • Micro Irrigation is very important in India as dependence on Monsoon is not advisable.
  • As Indian Agriculture plays vital role in contributing in GDP and large part of agriculture depends upon monsoon which is not static, hence micro irrigation is the only source to retain water for agrarian purposes to cover short fall of rain.
  • The Agriculture Ministry has to consider the importance of Micro Irrigation and must take steps to make it more feasible for agriculture.
  • All the funding by the Union Government, resultantly, would go in to vain due to Non-deciding of norms by the Agriculture ministry.

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