Modi Gives Speech Full of Content, Drama and Emotions

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Yesterday on 13 November 2016 at the occasion of laying of foundation stone of Greenfield airport in goa our PM Narendra Modi gave a very strong message to citizens holding unaccounted money/black money. He said none will be spared even if he has to employ more than 1 lack people for this purpose. He further said now those people who think that nothing will happen in future, they should look towards him as he is committed to take such people to task. The account of last 70 years would be scrutinized.

During his speech he also mentioned if someone has not disclosed money being left by his relatives, parents, forefathers then after paying tax and penalties on it, he can bring it to main stream. This way he gave a signal that law will take a soft stand for those who still pay tax along with interest. This is very much positive for those who are having huge cash with them as they can convert their money from black to white money.

In a taunting tone he also conveyed that people responsible for big scams like 2G and coal scam have to also stand in the queue for Rs.4000. so this way he answered Rahul Gandhi for his attention seeking trick for political mileage.

He also got a bit emotional saying that ‘I have left my family and home for the country, I have seen the difficulties of people from very short distance, I know what honest people want and for this cause I have taken this step and lots of people and forces are against me. They will try to harm me but I am not worried even if I am burnt alive.’

He thanked the people of Goa and seek their blessings in the form of claps. He also said that airport will bring development in Goa and has thus Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Dream would also be fulfilled.

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