Modi Set to Win ‘Times’ Person of the Year Beating World’s Big Personalities

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Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has secured 18% of the on-line votes of The Times ‘Person of the Year 2016’ beating the other world leaders like President Elect of USA Mr. Donald Trump, existing President of USA Mr. Barak Obama, Wikileak Chief Mr. Julian Assange, Ms. Hillary Clinton, and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. Mr. Modi is all set to win this honour in the current year.

Every year ‘Times Person of the Year’ is chosen on-line amongst the world’s popular personality who make influence on the world may it be good or worse.

Analysts of the poll of 2016 suggest that Mr. Modi is quite popular in USA and India and PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) in USA and Canada have whole-heartedly voted for Mr. Modi ignoring leaders of their respective countries.

In 2014, Mr. Modi was chosen ‘Person of the Year and again in the 2015, Mr. Modi was also one of the contenders but this honour went to German Chancellor Ms. Angela Merkel.

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