Modi’s Tool to Get Black Money Info:

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Government has started getting information on black money from friends, employees, neighbours, partners, competitors very easily and in a fast manner. On last Friday government started an email id – , within 72 hours 4000 emails were received with information on black money.

Financial Intelligence Unit of Ministry of Finance is already very active and has been providing financial information to various investigating agencies. Deposits in old currency notes in banks are now being under tight surveillance. Government has also tightened the rope on jewellers and money exchangers who have been involved in currency exchange from old to new. ED, Income tax, police are working in synchronisation. If police is getting anyone carrying currency notes in a suspicious manner then Income Tax Officers are being called.

One Officer working in a Revenue Intelligence and Investigation in Income Tax Office told Business Mantra that the amount involved is more than 10 lakh as informed by police then ED Office is also being informed.

But there are many questions in common man’s mind that whether this harassment is only for not so famous people as none of the Political Leaders, Business Tycoons, Bureau crates, Celebrities, Film Stars has been questioned. Common man having small amount up to 5 to 10 lakh is frightened about facing questioning and scrutiny.

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