National Waterways like Highways: NW 1, NW 2…

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Like national highways, India has extensive network of inland water ways, according to surveys and estimates, total length of water ways is 14500 km. (nearly 9000 miles) and out of this 5200 km of river network and 4000km of canal network, nearly 9200 km. may be used for goods transport through water.

The freight cost from water ways per km is half as compared to railways and 1/3 as compared to highways. Recently at a function. Mr. Nitin Gadkari has said future is of water ways in India. He also said that goods transport cost from Mumbai to Dubai is less than transport cost from Mumbai to Delhi.

Government of India is planning to invest Rs. 50000 crore on river front development to boost the use of water ways.

Maruti Suzuki also planned to transport its vehicles through water ways. Like national highways (NH1, NH2, NH3………), National water ways would also numbered as (NW1, NW2, NW3……….and so on).

NW1 from Allahabad to Haldia (total length 1620 Km) is already operational)

NW2 is sadiya to DHU BR1 (Bharamputra river is 891 km) and NW3 is kollam to kozhicode (total 365km) are also operational. Many other water ways are already declared so a new wing in infrastructure development in India named waterways will get added to existing highways and railways network.

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