No Change in Visa Rules in US a Respite for 5 Lakh Indian H-1B Holders

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  • Millions of Indian techies take a sigh of relief after US administration declares that they had no plan to change H-1B Visa Rules which would resulting in forced migration of H-1B Visa Holders.
  • The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers announced that US administration is not going to make any regulation which would force H-1B VISA holders to leave the country after the six year limit, but got this respite for further one year.
  • Earlier, the reports came that the Trump administration is tightening H-1B VISA rules which would send back home more than 5 Lakh Indians as the US administration were proposing for ending of renewal of H-1B VISA limits.
  • The US administration backed the decision of non renewal of H-1B VISA and said that they are not planning for any change in regulations. They have admitted that H-1B visa holders make innovation and help build and strengthen the American economy.
  • However, the administration may change rules that would allow Visa holders, who initiated proceeding for green card approval to remain in the US for only one year at a time.
  • It is noted that the two lawmakers urged to US President Donald Trump not to deport H-1B VISA Holders as this would adversely affect the US economy and the relations between the duo countries.
  • This decision will be helpful to Indian Techies in US who are looking for Green Cards for permanent settlement in US.
  • This drop down of plan of non renewal of H-1B Visa would be beneficial for Indian economy as more than 5 Lakh of H-1B Visa holders are Indians.

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