NRIs, Techies & Delhites Disappointed with Result of Their Experiment with Arvind Kejriwal

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Young generation of NCR Delhi, NRIs from all over the world were attracted to Arvind Kejriwal and his team of persons in such a way that they were reaching Jantar Mantar every day in open support. He had won their hearts while on dharna with Anna Hazare and after-words during election meetings like pied piper. This young brigade whole-heartedly supported him along with other sections of people from Delhi with an aim to change Indian Politics from corrupt system to a clean and corruption free India.

Before elections, Mr. Kejriwal made big promises like taking action against the previous chief minister Mrs. Sheila Dixit for corrupt practices during her 15 years tenure, pollution free Delhi etc.etc.

But what went after the elections, in which a state government was formed with 93% of the MLAs belonging to his own party. Till today no action has ever been initiated against the former CM, pollution situation of Delhi has worsened corruption on the increase and so on.

Dreams of thousands of young people were shattered and everybody felt disappointed, when a CM of such a high stature, started clipping the wings of his own honest people, always wanted yes-men around him. Making irresponsible and irrelevant statements, accusing people, who just try to oppose him, making lame excuses, playing blame game, not keeping cordial relations with LG of his own state or with central government even for the benefit of his own people who voted for him, has since been part of his daily chores. CM of Delhi lacks maturity while dealing with LG and always on conflicting terms. Conflicts or difference of opinion may be there but sometimes for the welfare of his own people, one has to play safe in a matured manner, but he has never handled even a single matter tactfully.

Irresponsible actions has landed him into trouble in number of times, even Defamation cases have been filed against him and his team, where he had to feel sorry for his own actions.

He has always tried to reach people, where he has no base like in Punjab, Gujarat, Goa, UP etc. ignoring even the small problems of his own state, blaming either centre or LG for such petty state issues.

It was an experiment of young and educated youth of India, with a dream with better and clean politicians, but the dream has been shattered and those techies who were never prepared to listen a single word opposing AK’s statements are now getting fed up with his irrelevant actions and remarks and day by day number of such youth is on the rise and they are repenting for their time and money invested for this cause.

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