One More Step Towards Recognition of Same Sex Marriage by Australian Government

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  • The bill to legalise same sex marriage has been passed by Australian Senate without any major amendment.
  • It comes after Australian’s powerful support and long-time referendum to legalise Gay marriage.
  • 43 members of senate voted in favour of the bill while 12 opposed the legislation.
  • The Marriage Equity Bill will be sent to the House of Representatives, known as lower house, where it is expected to pass easily.
  • Gay Marriage Bill has remained a part of debate in Australia since long and the expansion of legal rights and protection of rights of same sex marriage couple became a political agenda.
  • During delivering speech on legalisation of Gay Marriage, Tim Wilson, a member of Liberal Party proposed to his partner Ryan Bolger and asked “will you marry me?”
  • Australian Prime Minister Melcolm Turnbull also supported the same sex marriage legislation and said that they wanted to pass the law through the Parliament.
  • Survey was conducted to give protection to the rights of same sex marriages and legalising Gay marriage where 80% citizens of country got registered within two months to participate in the survey. 62 % citizens voted in favour of the said Bill.
  • This huge public support for gay marriage proves that Citizens of Australia desperately wanted for legalisation of gay marriage as they wanted freedom to marry anyone whom they love irrespective of sex of a person. Hence, it would ensure marriage equality, prevent unnecessary discrimination by heterosexual people towards homosexual people which they faced due to non-approval of same sex marriage.
  • This will benefit to public health as it reduces the risk of complicated infections caused due to STDs.
  • This is socially criticised as it make social purpose of marriage in fructuous i.e. to produce children and to add our generations. This will have worse effect on population and strength of the country may also be hit by negative growth of population.
  • If the Legislation will get approval and passed in the lower House also then the Australia will become the 26th nation to legalise Gay Marriage where homosexual activity which was considered illegal by some states in the country since 1998, will become legal.

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