Online Tax Assessment launch by IT – Department – Will Be Jurisdictions Free

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From 1st October IT dept. is going to launch jurisdiction free tax assessment of scrutiny cases. Initially it will start in Mumbai & Delhi.

Main purpose of this scheme is to remove corruption from the department as well as harassment faced by the assessees during the assessment.

This system will cover all types of cases like scrutiny cases, filling of returns and other cases.

Under this new scheme, if the income tax dept. start scrutiny against a person (says in Mumbai), the system will provide related accord and generate a unique identification number and this number is randomly assign to any tax officers (say in West Bengal or somewhere else).

After implementation of this scheme, assessing officer’s power to call informations personally or to force the assessee to appear in personal capacity or through representative (consultants) will no longer be in existence and if any information required, officer will send request through system and assessee will submit the same online.

Aim of this system is to provide transparent environment & no-harassment culture.

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