Peace Agreement : – Govt. of India and 60years old Militant Naga Organisation.

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On Monday Govt. Of India and NSCN- IM has signed a peace agreement. This agreement may be a mile stone in bringing peace in North – East region and may give wings to PM Modi’s North East development mission.

NSCN—IM is one of the oldest separatist organisation in North – East and is highly active in north east region along with borders of  China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan. It has staged war against central rule of India.

Now there is hope that other small organisations may follow the same path of Peace for progress of the north east region.

PM said that 60 years is a long time and wounds are deep, but we are committed to peace and develop north east region. PM said north east region will be developed and lot of funds are being allotted for the same

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