PM’s vision of doubling Agriculture Income by 2022

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  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi while delivering speech in Gujarat has declared that his Government will help double agriculture income by 2022.
  • This assurance came after frequent agitations and protests of farmers in various states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab across the country where many farmers have committed suicides.
  • In order to fulfill Narendra Modi’s vision of doubling farmer’s income, Govt. has to work towards transforming of agriculture and horticulture sector.
  • focus should be to lesson farmer’s expenditure and to improve their incomes.
  • More Resources should be provided on moderate rates to the farmers to improve agriculture produces.
  • PM emphasized that facilitation will be allowed to farmers to buy inputs at wholesale rates and sell at retail prices so that profit could be increased to the farmers.
  • As per Modi’s declaration, Agriculture growth should not be less than 10.2-10.3 % per year if it has to double by 2022.
  • But at present as per the data available, growth is merely 1.2% which is lessor than expected.
  • PM has asked to co-operatives to invest in new business in bee-keeping and sea-weed farming to help the farmers.
  • India and Japan have signed bilateral agreement to work together in the field of agriculture.
  • Niti Ayog or the Government of India have not come out any plan to double the agriculture income.
  • What are the plans of the Govt. to achieve the said target of Prime Minister?
  • What should be the strategy to achieve goals for doubling agriculture income till 2022?

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