Are PSBs Actually Providing Toilets for Customers inside their Branches?

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The Finance Ministry has directed all the Public Sector Banks and Insurance Companies to arrange separate toilet facility for both male and female customers inside each and every Branch of PSBs and Insurance Companies. The Ministry had also dedicated CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funds for the same to boost Narendra Modi’s “Swacch Bharat” Mission.

The object behind this direction of Finance Ministry to PSB’s and Insurance Companies was to ensure cleanliness and promote sanitation.

But it seems that most of the PSBs have issued false Certificates certifying that they are providing separate toilet facility to their customers or would be setting up separate toilets for them. PSBs’ Middle Management has already been over-burdened by massive work, returns and statements and now another progress report to be provided for this purpose.

Though, in reality, there are so many Bank Branches where scarcity of space do not permit even two toilets for staff. Secondly, as these toilets are to be build up inside the Branches which may lead to untold security related issues as lockers and cash need special attention as for security reasons. Hence, allowing every strange customer to go to the reserve area of Bank might be unsafe.In one incident, it was reported by one Banker that in guise of using toilet, a stranger took away all the brass taps and other fittings from the toilet, leaving the area flooded.

It seems that every now and then Bankers feel the heat of such directions from the political decisions, where even the highest authority is constrained to act upon and nobody dares to say no to these directions. Hence, to avoid adverse situation, the Branch Managers even try to issue false Certificates for such directions.

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