Rapid Expansion of Highways with More & More Construction & Widening

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Government works rapidly towards construction of National Highways and there has been increase of 23 % in the construction of these highway which is comparatively high from the previous year.

However it is less that the target set by the Government which was 40 km per day for the construction of highways.

In the previous year highest no. of construction of 8,231 km of highways were recorded.

It was expected by the Road transport and Highways Ministry that they would construct and widen around 4,942 km area by November 30, 2017 which was about 20.5 km a day.

During the same period in the last financial year, construction stood at 4,017 km and the average daily construction was 16.7 km.

The official of Road transport and Highways Ministry are making reviews of the construction sites making it faster for completion of the construction of highways.

The NHAI official assured Government that it would achieve the target of 10,000 km towards construction and widen of highways till March. 2018.

This move of Government is really admirable as it will ease the travelling and also facilitate to reduce the transport congestion.

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