Republican Indians Hopeful: Trump Would Favour India

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Indian Republicans in US are quiet hopeful that Trump’s administration would favour India and in all matters like trade, security, UN Security Council’s permanent seat and fight against terrorism. India’s neighbours like Pakistan and China would not be allow to loose play with double standard policy on terrorism. As on all international platforms both countries China and Pakistan condemn terrorism and repeat their statements of being committed to fight terrorism. But against India, Pakistan nurtures terrorists like Hafiz Saeed and China is also supporting by not allowing to declare Hafiz as terrorist in UN Security Council.

Indian member of Trump’s Advisory Council has said that Trump has made it clear in his policy that dual role policy of India’s neighbours would not be tolerated.

Republication Hindu Coalition (RHC) members are quiet hopeful from Trump’s policies for India and in RHC members’ view Trump is going to be best American President from India’s point of view.

China’s Trade with India and America is of similar nature i.e. China is exporting to India & US massively and inturn India and US export to China is very low. Both India & US are concerned on heavy trade deficit with China. Gaining so much from trade China is indifferent to India and favours Pakistan. Similarly China is not supporting US on North Korea.

But India has to be cautious also as Trump will support India but what he would expect from India. As India cannot blindly follow US in other International forums.

Trump has already given signals to China by talking to Taiwanese President and later reacting on China’s reservation as per one China policy.

Trump has commented that China has not asked US or considered US interest in devaluing its currency or imposing heavy taxes on US import etc. So it seems strategically also he would have to favour India if he wants to have control over US – China relations.

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