Right to Privacy: Under Article 21 of Indian Constitution Says Supreme Court

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  • ‘Right to Privacy’ is certainly a fundamental right of the citizens of India under Article 21 of Constitution of India as pronounced by 9 Judge Bench of Supreme Court of India, unanimously.
  • All previous judgements have been overruled by this judgement
  • The verdict affects the whole of the Indian population.
  • Personal Liberty and Right to Life are part and parcel of Right to Privacy.
  • The verdict may act as a blow to ‘Adhaar Project’ where the government has been directing the people of India to link Adhaar with Bank account, PAN and Mobile number and so on.
  • Under the ‘Adhaar Project’ finger prints as well as iris scan are recorded of each and every Adhaar card holder.
  • Government of India has also accepted that the Right to Privacy is a fundamental right of the citizens of India but not in absolute terms.
  • The Right to Privacy is fundamental right but restricted reasonably, where the interest of the country is also important.
  • To protect the data is duty of every institution including the government of India from being misused.

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