Shinzo Abe Wins Mid-Term Japan Elections

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  • As predicted otherwise, through the Exit Poll Results, Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister, won med-term elections in Japan.
  • Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi congratulated Mr. Abe on the land-slide victory of his conservative coalition party, winning more than 312 seats in a house of 465.
  • Abe is on the verge of becoming a longest serving Prime Minister of the country.
  • The 3rd biggest world economy may be put on track with the efforts of Mr. Abe
  • This victory of Abe will enable him to bring changes in security system of the country in military status.
  • Abe can effectively deal with the crisis arisen from the North Korea, which has become a threat to the Japan’s security, with his strong diplomatic tactics.
  • But the local Japanese media is considering the victory of Mr. Abe as victory because of non-effective and weak opposition.
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange has welcomed the victory of Mr. Abe with straight gains of 14 sessions which has never happened after 1961.
  • The gamble of announcing early elections has well paid off to Mr. Abe’s favour.

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