South Korea Joins Hands to Curb out Delhi’s Environmental Pollution

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People of Delhi and Haryana have been badly affected by filthy air and Smog raised by vehicular pollution and subsequent burning of the residue of crops at agriculture land of Haryana and Punjab. Delhi and Haryana Govts. have failed to find solution to fight with such air pollutants.

Delhi Govt.’s sought ideas on how to protect Delhi from the impact of filthy air that has caused headaches, watering eyes of residents of Delhi and surroundings. This has also caused serious issue of cough and other bronchial diseases to children and even has forced authorities to shut down schools in Delhi NCR.

In order to get rid of all this mess, last year CM of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal implemented odd even formula but the same need to be supplemented by some holistic approach to prevent the toxic smog.

A “friendship City Agreement” got signed between Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Seoul led by Mayor Park Woon Soon. Environment protection is among one of the areas of cooperation of this agreement.

It is worth mentioning here that the high-tech city of Seoul is itself suffering from air pollutants basically originating from China and ranked second next to Delhi in terms of the poor air quality.

Mr. Park said odd even is necessary but it would not be sufficient to control air pollution and traffic cohesion. He said there was a need to strengthen public transport system and lessen the use of personal vehicles. He added, railway network and subways could help to prevent massive traffic. He emphasized on more use of public transportation instead of personal vehicles.

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