Special One Day Session of West Bengal Assembly, Just for Name Sake

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One day’s special session was called by the Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms. Mamta Banerjee on 29-08-2016 spending Crores of public money, just for name sake. It was expected that West Bengal would become 11th state to ratify GST Bill, but to the utter surprise of the masses only resolution passed by the assembly was to change the name of the state from West Bengal to Bengal (English Language) and Bangla (In Hindi & Bangla Language). During the passing of the resolution, opposition parties – BJP, CPM & other Left parties voted against such move because they wanted there should only be one name whether in English or in Hindi or in Bangla. Congress walked out of the assembly against the resolution.

The change of name from West Bengal to Bangla was the idea of the Chief Minister Ms. Mamta Banerjee who got frustrated at the time when she had to wait for 5 hours to meet the Prime Minister due to the alphabetic order of the state. It seems that Ms. Mamta Banerjee is in the habit of playing politics of opportunism by hurling baseless allegations against any government at centre just to overshadow bad governance of the state of West Bengal since change in the name of the state has of no benefit to the people of Bengal but GST has to change the economy of the state to a better side. After all this, again Ms. Banerjee wants Central Government to pass the constitutional amendment in Parliament to ratify the change of name.

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