Surrogacy Ban in India – A Blow to Foreign Couples Seeking Child

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Central government of India today announced to bring a new regulation banning surrogacy for foreigners, single parents and gay couples. It has been done to prevent exploitation of poor women. Only the couples married for 5 years or more who do not have or could not have a child due to medical problems will be allowed to find a surrogate mother with a condition that surrogate must a close relative. Although till now, definition of close relative is not clear.

Since past few years, surrogacy services for want of money by poor women has been increasing continuously. It was a business for many people, they used to charge heavy money from foreigner couples and used to pay very low amount to poor Indian women, for providing such services.

On estimated basis nearly 3000 fertility clinics are operating in India and surrogacy business is estimated to be 1 billion US-Dollars per year, and growing on. But now, when this new act will be passed then this illegal surrogacy business will come to end. Indian embassies in US, UK, and other developed countries are instructed not to grant VISA to foreigners planning to come in India for want of surrogacy services.

According to the new law, a child born by surrogacy for a foreign couple would also not allowed to leave India.

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