Tackling the Reservation (आरक्षण) Menace- What Govt. should do.

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No one knew Hardik Patel just three months back. He organized a massive rally to force the Govt of Gujarat to include Patidar Patel in the list of OBC. The Genesis of his agitation is said to be in the rejection of his sister for admission into a Govt College while a friend of her sister who secured even less marks in class 12 exam but could get admission because she belonged to the OBC Category. We have also not forgotten the Gujjar agitation of Rajasthan and the Jat agitation at New Delhi to force the Govt of the day to succumb to their demands. The Jat reservation has been rejected by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India but still they are adamant that they have to be included in OBC category. Now the Brahmin, Rajput and Bania community are also asking for reservation. The noise of granting reservations to Muslims being the minority community had been raised and attempted time and again by several chief ministers in the country and other leaders at the Govt of India. If that be the situation how country will progress. Someone has rightly said that in a country where people are fighting to get themselves declared as backward, how come the nation as a whole will move forward. The time has come that we try to understand why people demand reservation for their community and how this is being convoluted into a major law & order problem in the country. This is becoming a ladder on which people are trying to rise to achieve their motive to grab top positions in the country.

If we go deep into the genesis or the root motivating factor for reservation we will find that the Govt job offer (i) job security; (ii) plum positions; (iii) sinecure jobs; (iv) excessive perks; (v) opportunity to exploit needy people; (vi) lack of accountability; (vii) time bound promotions; (viii) one time success to guarantee life time fortune; (ix) no need to horn or upgrade one’s own skills; (x) post retirement plum positions etc. If any job will grant you so much it is like a dream coming true. That is why anyone who is selected even as a Constable or ASI in Police or Patwari in a village is seen as an epitome of success in our rural areas. The political masters who become ministers are there for a short period and either have gained favour from these bureaucrats before reaching to this position or would have to look for similar favour once they again come back on the road. So they are not in a position to take any stand against the established bureaucratic system. This ensures high respect for those who are in Govt Service and the public for whose good they are being paid salaries, for whose welfare the Govt officers are called public servant, becomes the last priority for these officers. Public in general doesn’t count in the scheme of things of the Govt servants unless
they have something to gain out of this.

If we want to break this vicious circle we have to make this Govt Service a truly dedicated service to the public. This need to be converted into a service and it has to be taken out from the Asset status which it is enjoying today. This is not very difficult. The property returns of the Govt officers and their family members should be made more transparent. The target of the work every fortnight and what has been done by them should also be accessible to public. The citizen centric services need to be identified and a time limit for the delivery of the service has to be fixed. Once the service is not delivered in time a per day penalty should be imposed against the Govt servant or a group of them and the same should be deducted from their monthly salary. This figure of fines and work done and not done should also be accessible to public on a real time basis. This alone would be able to differentiate the good officer from bad ones. Those who are doing their work sincerely and diligently should be suitably rewarded as well. The attendance of the Govt employees should be recorded as is being done presently in Govt of India that is by linking it to biometric system accessible from their Aadhaar numbers. Their attendance sheet should also be accessible to public on real time basis. The Govt of India has not started action against the late comers which is making the system a bit slack. The cost to Govt concept need to be introduced akin to the CTC system in vogue in Private Sector. The direct public contact should be reduced to minimum so that there is no scope for any corruption. The frequent visitors in the corridors of power known as Power Brokers need to be identified and strict action should be taken as was taken in Govt paper leak case in Ministry of Petroleum a few months back. The Govt servants who were found hobnobbing with these power brokers should also be identified and punished. Anyone who has caused damage by shirking decisions or by delaying it should also be brought to books. There should be promotions only upto a particular level say up to the Director level in Govt of India. Posting from Joint Secretary and upwards, should be through an open competition among various services and it should also be opened to Private Sector as well. No need to give time bound promotions to the officers selected in a particular service by their once in lifetime good performance. It should be based on some kind of examination, screening and health records. One has to continuously upgrade his skills and should compete to get right positions. Mr. Sundar Pichai who has been selected as CEO of Google was low in rank in IIT and was far behind the toppers who got Computer Science in IIT Bombay or Kanpur. Same is the case of Mr. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who could not even qualify for IIT and had done his B Tech from Manipal University. Going by the logic of Govt of continuously rewarding the one time top performers in the competition exam throughout their life is like denying the types of Mr. Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella top jobs in their respective fields. It can be easily understood by their rise as to why the Google and Microsoft are on such a height and we are continuously failing in delivering proper services to our people in the country. We need to learn a lesson from their selection by the top companies of the world.

The Govt of the day should convert this so called asset called Govt Service into a total liability to attract and retain only those who are coming with a motive to serve the nation and it’s people. Who have a zeal to do something for the people of the country. Who are having a dreams to fulfill the dream of someone else. The Govt should provide enough facility and support for every poor person to study and gain knowledge which he aspire to achieve. The entry into IIT and AIIMS type Govt Institutions should be mandated with a three year service commitment to rural areas and North Eastern States. The degree should be awarded only when he has done this 3 year mandatory service in difficult areas. If these changes are introduced by the Govt then only the agitation to get into the Govt services or educational institutions through short cuts, will stop. Only the truly dedicated one’s will opt for this sector and rest will automatically try through other comfortable routes. The nation will prosper as the unnecessary agitation will be over once and for all.

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