Telecommunication Companies Want Exemption in Custom Duty for 4G

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  • Telecommunication Companies have asked for basic custom duty exemption on 4G Network gear as they are seeking for reduce in cost to bring up 4G LG Network.
  • Phone Companies have also demanding for the cut in the rate of withholding tax in the upcoming union budget 2017-18.
  • The COAI i.e. Cellular Operators Association of India proposed for 10.3% basic custom duty exemption to reduce cost of 4G networking.
  • This tax deduction will really provide an aid to promote digitalization in the country.
  • COAI is representing many Telcos such as Jio, Airtel and Vodafone.
  • COAI also advocated on behalf of Telcos for BCD exemption on connectivity devices used in modern technologies of networking.
  • Telcos have recommended for 4% rate cut up over withholding tax imposed on discounts given to their prepaid distributors.

4G LTE network gear consist of base stations/e-Nodes, IT multimedia systems/soft switches, microwave networks, and associated packet network nodes.

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