The Washington Post Calls Sushma ‘Supermom of State’

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The marvelous compliment is being given by ‘The Washington Post ‘to our Foreign Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, as you all know that Mrs. Swaraj has earned lot of name and fame in India, as a motherly sensitive Foreign Minister. In many instances, she had helped lot of Indians in distress overseas. She has been very finely using twitter and other social media channels to revert overseas Indians in problem.

We have also seen, on many instances, she helped Indians from Yaman Ukrain, Sudan, Iraq and Syria.

She has not only taken care when a mass of Indians people needed help from government of India, but also on many occasions, she has been equally sensitive and helpful when she got information, that even a single Indian person was in problem, may it be in Pakistan or Bangladesh etc.

This style of her working is very much close to her image or looks of a loving mother and all this has nearly made her most famous & most followed Foreign Minister of India.

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