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India –China standoff is quite endemic. The recent face-off between Indian Troops and Chinese Troops has resulted into a commotion in India as well as China. There was an agreement between India and China in 2012 of WORKING MECHANISM in connection with which  both the countries were agreed to maintain peace and tranquility at India-China Borders and if any of the countries disrespect the terms and conditions so mentioned in the agreement will lead to violation of the agreement.

In June, China strived to construct a road for highway covering distance of 500 km that would join Lhasa to Yadong. Such highway project would pass through Bhutan regimes for which China has to build a road at Doklam Plateau (Tri-junction of India-China-Bhutan) for about 269 sq. km. this activity is not favoured by Bhutan as well as India in result of which Indian Troops entered into China Territory through Sikkim in response of which Chinese Troops attacked back destroying the two Bunkers at Bhutan on 6 June, 2017.

The results of this conflict can be witnessed as the way to Mansarovar through Sikkim territory has been blocked by China.  Worst Crisis was also seen earlier between India and china in 2013. Now China, being a Dominant Country, claims that it has the sole power over Bhutan and India has no right to guarantee the security of Bhutan. This can be called as New Delhi – Beijing conflict.

The China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Lu Kang said that Doklam Plateau is their territory because of proven history and legal principles and also passed the message that India is not strong and in response the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley cleared China’s misconception by saying that India is different in 2017 than in 1962. Moreover, India is the main market for China if the relations between these two countries continue to remain upset then there will be a setback for China.

The attempt made by China constructing road at Doklam Plateau can be understood in a way that China wants to control and rule over the North-Eastern region of India turning it into the most powerful country of Asia. The another reason of such attack by China can be seen as a warning to India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi of meeting at White House with the President of America, Donald Trump.

We expect that the conflict would come to an end between these two powerful countries very soon and the problems being faced by the public would be resolved and the relations between these two countries would be improved soon.

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