Traffic Rules May Become Stricter: As Proposed by the Motor Vehicle Act (Amendment) Bill 2017

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As the traffic in India is rising day by day with the increase in the population of the country, significant increase has also been noted in the on-road accident cases. Many of them have caused due to violation of traffic rules. To ensure the overall road safety in India becomes a challenge for the Government. There need arises to make stricter laws and ensure their implementation to reduce the number of traffic accidents. In view of the same, the government will now soon implement new traffic rules by bringing the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill that would change the way India drives. The new law would contain stricter traffic norms which would help to improve road traffic conditions in India. The Bill has been stuck in the Parliament as the same is being opposed by the opposition.

Here aresome ofthe proposals of the Motor Vehicle Act (Amendment) Bill 2017 :

  • As per the new Motor Vehicle Bill, it becomes mandatory to link Aadhar card with driving licence. Aadhar card will be necessarily required for getting the driving licence and Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • It will increase the penalty up to Rs.10,000 from prevailing Rs.2,000 in cases of drink and drive.
  • It will also increase the fine for rash driving from Rs.1000 to Rs.5000 and driving without valid driving license.
  • The fine for overspeeding will go upto Rs.2,000/- (Minimum) from Rs.400/-
  • In case of violation of traffic rules by Juveniles (not completed the age of 16 years), their parents, Guardians or the vehicle owners will be responsible for traffic violations unless it is proved in the court that the offence was committed without their knowledge. The Registration of Vehicle can also be cancelled by the Authority and the juvenile will be tried under the Juvenile Justice Act.
  • The time limit for renewalof driving license has been increased from one month to one year before and after the expiry date.
  • In hit-and-run cases, the government will now provide a compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the victim’s family as against Rs 25,000 given currently.

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2017 is an important legislation which will bring stringent provisions for traffic violators. The Bill is likely to be passed in Rajya Sabha in the coming parliament sessions.

Moreover, Mindset of people has to be changed by educating them about the pros & cons of traffic violations and benefits of following traffic rules meticulously.

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